What if my Coffee Machine Breaks Down

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Here at Denby Dale Coffee we will help you keep any commercial coffee equipment you have purchased from us in good working order for years to come.

But what happens if your coffee machine or slush machines breaks down at any time from day one to in excess of 5 years?.

Don’t worry, we’re here to get you and your equipment back on track.

First of all, you can be assured that if you buy any drinks equipment from Denby Dale Coffee, you are buying a premium product.

We only supply the most reliable products in the UK. We are an experienced specialist equipment supplier and we have been selling our range of machines for many years, all of which are European designed and manufactured.

No cheap far East imports here.

So if you have what appears to be a problem with your equipment, whenever that may happen, simply give us a call. We will discuss what the issue is and identify the probable issue. We are highly experienced and will understand immediately the problem.

The good news is that around 4 out of 5 calls received, we usually can identify the error and correct it over the phone.

Sometimes this may mean a simple replacement part being sent within 24 hours but more often a resolution is achieved by correcting something the site has done in error.


What Happens If Your Coffee or Slush Machine has Developed a Genuine Malfunction

we’ll endeavour to have an engineer visit and repair. This is a service we offer whether the machine is under a warranty or beyond.

Denby Dale Coffee has supplied thousands of machines in the UK over the years and it’s worth pointing out that every site will treat and maintain their machines at different levels.

Many machine failures can and will be caused by negligence, lack of cleaning or failure to replace water filters or keep your machines serviced at regular intervals. Combined, these reasons account for the vast majority of the calls we receive.

We’ve highlighted the most common issue that may develop for bean to cup machines and slush machines, along with the likely cause and a suggested resolution.

Bean to Cup Machines –

Bean to Machines– Milk not frothing

  • Almost always caused by a milk blockage – Cleaning issue
  • Ensure all internal pipes are connected and attached