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Consumable Ingredients Including Tea, Hot Chocolate, Cups & Vending

At Denby Dale Coffee, we offer a wide range of consumables and hot drinks supplies, including Zuma hot chocolate, Clipper Tea and coffee syrups from Sweetbird.

We also offer a wide range of Fairtrade products such as coffee beans, filter coffee, hot chocolate and tea by Clipper. Clipper Tea – we offer a range of premium Clipper teas, all Fairtrade and organic. Our range includes envelope wrap 25’s in the following varieties; English Breakfast, Everyday, Earl Grey, Peppermint, Chamomile and Green Tea.

Larger envelope-wrapped boxes are also available for Everyday and Earl Grey, both in 250 boxes. You can also buy our everyday tea in single-use catering tea bags, as well as string and tagged.

Check out our very own exclusive Clipper tea starter pack, a mix of everything along with a display stand.

Our hot chocolate range includes; Zuma Original, Sweetbird sauce, Millfresh Fairtrade and Galaxy for vending. Plus, as we are passionate about Fairtrade products, Denby Dale Coffee sells Fairtrade coffee, tea, chocolate and coffee pods.

If you are looking to save money and are able to buy in bulk, we offer multiple coffee deals and combination offers. These include coffee beans, tea starter packs, hot chocolate and Sweetbird syrups. Different coffee blends and volumes are available, each to suit our customers’ requirements.

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