We offer flexible payment options for your equipment purchase. Options include ordereding on-line using a credit/debit card, BACS, cheque, Paypal or you may wish to consider our leasing options.

Our leasing packages are a cost effective way to source your equipment. Our leasing customers include Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Hair & Beauty Salons, Offices, Service Stations, Sports Clubs, Convenience, Sweet Shops etc.

You choose how long you want to lease the coffee machine for (typically 2 – 5 years) and payments are made monthly by direct debit.

The benefits of leasing your Coffee Machine include:

  • No upfront investment – giving access to our coffee machines and consumables straight away.

  • Straight forward budgeting – lease from as little as £1.50 per day (3 year lease)

  • Reduced tax liability on profits as lease rental payments are 100% tax deductable

  • Tax relief

  • The lease finance allows you to preserve your working capital. It may also be possible to incorporate some of your businesses other equipment under the coffee machine lease.

  • Leasing spreads the cost over the life of the coffee machine, reflecting the machine’s usage and profitability. Also you may want to include the ongoing maintenance costs.

  • At the end of the lease term we offer options including upgrading, passing you the title ownership of the machine or continuing the lease with a discount of up to 75%.

Popular lease options available;

Lease Rental – Payment profile 1 + 35 months. Title to pay at the end of term. 100% tax deductable, 19% tax relief or higher.

Lease Purchase – Payment Profile 1 + 36. No title to pay at the end of term. Not 100% tax deductable.

* Both monthly costs are the same.

How tax relief compares;

Lease rentals offer our customers the most cost effective option. Tax relief has a value of 3 x more than a purchase outright option or lease purchase.

As an average, you will receive in the region of £275 tax relieve per £1,000 invested in capital equipment. This compares to approximatley £95 with a purchase option. Here are 3 examples to compare;

3x10Ltr slush machine bundle – £2,795 + VAT – Lease rental tax relief = £825 v lease purchase tax relief = £251. YOU WILL SAVE £574

Ciao VX3 Duo bean to cup machine – £6,250 + VAT – Lease rental tax relief = £1,842 v lease purchase tax relief = £522. YOU WILL SAVE £1,320

How simple is the process?

Denby Dale Coffee Ltd has strategic relationships with some of the largest leasing companies in the UK. As a result they understand the profitable business model that our coffee machines can provide and the needs of small, medium and large businesses. Our staff will work closely with you to help you complete the lease agreement as painlessly as possible.

It’s possible to lease even if you’re a new business start up, or a public house. All we require is that you are on the electoral roll and have a clean credit history.

What happens at the end of a lease rental?

When you rent a coffee machine from us, it will be over an agreed term, from 1 year to 5 years (price varies depending on the length of the lease), we will write to you offering you a range of options you can take advantage of. The most popular options is to purchase the title of the equipment at a huge discount verses the market value of your machine. The machine title usually costs approx. 6 months lease payments and as low as a single months payment for customers who are buying their supplies through us.

Alternatively you can upgrade your commercial equipment for new, using your old machine in part exchange or simply ask us to remove the machine. The choice is yours. 

When you lease equipment from us, the warranty is not extended to the term of the lease but remains as advertised on each machine type. Machine warranty periods range from 1 year to 5 years regarless.

Please note that all leasing incurs a £95.00 – £150.00 + VAT documentation set up fee and an annual service charge of £40.