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Our Bravilor equipment includes accessories, spares and filter machine upgrades to ensure that your customers are never short of a cuppa or two.

Perfect for busy cafes, conferences and workplace canteens alike, our shatterproof, glass and stainless steel decanters come in a range of sizes for the caffeine-driven consumer. The brand is a premium developer and manufacturer of professional beverage preparation systems and has lead the field in a busy marketplace for over 65 years.

Browse our range of spare parts, cleaning products and Bravilor equipment and receive your order next working day.

Bravilor Accessories

Bravilor Airpot Furento 2.2Ltrs

£85.00 Excluding VAT

Bravilor Accessories

Bravilor Coffee Cabinet Counter

£600.00 Excluding VAT

Bravilor Accessories

Bravilor Glass Decanter 1.7Ltrs

£13.50 Excluding VAT
£25.00 Excluding VAT
£30.00 Excluding VAT

Bravilor Accessories

Ciao Filter Coffee Papers 500’s

£12.00 Excluding VAT