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Jura Coffee Machines – Commercial Bean to Cup

Here at Denby Dale Coffee, we are an authorised dealer of the best-known bean to cup manufacturer in the world – Jura. Engineered in Switzerland, the Jura coffee machine range offers a wide choice of commercial bean to cup coffee machines, which are simple for the operator to use and to clean.

Jura coffee machines offer a daily output capacity from 25 to 200 cups per day, all have large integrated water tanks and most of the larger models can be plumbed into the water mains, which our Jura Engineers will do during installation.

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Bean to cup

Jura WE6

£1,350.00 Excluding VAT

Bean to cup

Jura WE8

£1,650.00 Excluding VAT

Bean to cup

Jura JX8 Platinum

£2,650.00 Excluding VAT
£4,250.00 Excluding VAT
£4,650.00 Excluding VAT

Bean to cup

Jura Giga X8

£5,595.00 Excluding VAT

Bean to cup

Jura Giga X8c

£5,995.00 Excluding VAT