Here at Denby Dale Coffee Ltd, we offer a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty against component failures caused by manufacturing defects. When you purchase a commercial coffee machine from us, you will have the peace of mind knowing that you have purchased a quality product, from a company passionate about after sales service.

We DO NOT simply refer you to the relevant manufacturers for guidance. We manage your problem with you with the sole aim to getting your coffee machine working again as soon as possible. This can often be achieved over the telephone but if not, we will ensure our national resource of coffee engineers respond quickly and efficiently.

Beyond the warranty, we offer our supplies customers lifetime support. This means we will deal with any on-going issue with the same urgency and efficiency and any service and repairs will be dealt will at trade pricing. We do not make a margin on any call out and service support. Non supplies customers will be charged retail price list pricing.

Call out procedure:
Call Denby Dale Coffee Ltd on 08000 14 18 18 to report the fault. We will assess the issue and attempt to give you a diagnosis over the telephone. 50% of problems are resolved at this stage. 

If an engineer is required, we will request a deposit payment of £375 + VAT, even if your machine is under warranty. This is necessary as breakdowns caused by cleaning issues, are not covered under any warranty and a large amount of engineer requests are solveable over the telephone.

The engineer will then be booked by Denby Dale Coffee Ltd. We aim to have the engineer on site within 3 working days (Mon-Fri). The engineer will inform the customer on site of the machine issue and a signed report will be submitted to Denby Dale Coffee Ltd. If the issue is a genuine warranty covered problem, your deposit will be refunded in full immediately.

We are transparent about what a warranty is and how it works. Our customers may have different expectations of what a warranty covers offers. For example we’ve had engineer call out requests to clean coffee equipment, change a plug fuse, relocate equipment and unblock milk pipes. These types of call outs are not covered by a warranty and are the responsibility of the user.

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Warranty Explained

When you purchase commercial drinks equipment, you receive a manufacturers warranty which is managed by us.

But what is a warranty and how does it differ from a service contract or insurance policy? Let’s take a look at each 3 individually;

Warranty – A manufacturers warranty is included with all of our commercial equipment and offers peace of mind that your machine has been build for purpose, using high quality components without defects.

It covers the most expensive components which if fail within the warrenty term, will be replaced without charge. 

A warranty does not cover wear and tear items (such as seals and plastics) or issues caused by neglect (such as poor cleaning), limescale (failure to replace water filters) or operator error.

Service Contracts – Service contracts offer all the benefits of a manufacturers warranty plus a host of additional premium support. They are available to purchase on certain types of machines such as vending machines. These are more responsive and attentive with periodic site visits and include such things such as;

Preventative issues inspection visits
Water filter management and replacement when required
Wear and tear parts replacements such as valves, seals and o rings (not covered under the warranty)
Equipment strip down and cleaning  
Machine annual serving
Most issues caused by operator error

Service contracts cost in the region of £1,750 – £2,500 + VAT per annum depending on equipment type, duration and cover required. We do not offer service contarcts with our machines as they are expensive and uneccessary.

 – Insurance policies are offered by registered insurance brokers or companies and cover your equipment (subject to your cover requirement and their policies) for accidental damage, fire damage and theft.
Final note
We recommend that you budget in the region of 5-10% of your equipment purchase price for ongoing maintenance per annum. Buying a machine is not a one off, once in a life-time off cost. You will need to consider such things as servicing your machine, water filter changes, cleaning products and and charges received for circumstances not covered by your warranty. A simple analogy would be if you purchased a new car, you would need to replace the oil and tyres. The dealer wouldn’t include this in their warranty, but if the engine failed, that would likely be covered.