Commercial coffee machines can either be plumbed-in or have a built-in water tank.

Plumbed-in coffee machines are directly connected to a water source and do not have a built-in water tank. This type of machine requires a nearby water source and plumbing installation to connect the machine to the water source. The water is continuously fed into the machine, which eliminates the need to refill the built-in water tank and ensures a steady supply of water for making coffee.

The Coffee Machine’s Location is a key factor

Coffee machines with built-in water tanks do not require plumbing, but they do need to be refilled with water manually. These machines are ideal for locations where a water source is not readily available or where plumbing installation would be difficult or expensive.

When choosing a coffee machine, it’s important to consider the specific needs of your location and whether a plumbed-in or tank-based machine would be the best fit. Factors to consider include the availability of a water source, the cost of plumbing installation, and the amount of coffee you will be serving.

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