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Buying a good quality slush syrup for your slush machine is of key importance when choosing a slush supplier. With a variety of syrup concentrates available at different prices, it’s worth considering some important facts. After all, you’ve probably invested a lot of money on your slush machine which will be heavily used, many machines we supply are running up to 10 hours a day.

Slush is highly profitable, probably one of the most profitable items in terms of percentages that you will sell in your outlet so making sure you offer your customers a great product which will keep them coming back for more is a must. If you consider that a 200ml slush drink will cost you around 10p including the cup, straw, syrup and VAT, the question to ask yourself is ‘is it really worth compromising the flavour to get that price down to 9p when the average sell price ranges from 65p – 85p?’

The quality of any slush concentrate is not measured by it’s colour or it’s name. A slush syrup concentrate is as good as it’s measured brix content. What is brix? Quite simply, it’s the sugar content of a slush syrup. Water freezes at 0 degrees but the correct temperature of an iced slushie drink is -3 degrees which works by the sugar molecules slipping between the hydrogen and oxygen molecules therefore reducing freezing. Too much sugar and the mix will be sloppy, too much water (or not enough sugar) and the mix will be very thick and can over freeze. Any mix with lower sugar or too much synthetic sugars can cause the gear motors that you see turning your slush around in the tanks be put under tremendous strain, over time they can fail and will then need replacing.

So, we have explained 2 key reasons why you shouldn’t simply purchase your slush syrup on price; the quality of the drink for your customers and the strain cheap syrups can put on your slush machine. We believe our slush syrup range is one of the better quality products out there, certainly worth more than we charge for a case. Our syrups are manufactured to the highest possible standards using only the best quality ingredients available. Our concentrated syrups are 6 to 1 water to syrup ratio meaning each case of 4x5Ltrs will produce 140Ltrs of premium and delicious slush.

We batch produce our slush concentrates every week so you will always receive fresh syrups with plenty of shelf life, up to 16 months. We offer a wide range of flavours from the popular Strawberry and Blue Raspberry to Sour Cherry, Tropical and Lemon & Lime plus many others. View our slush syrups range by clicking the link.

Slush Syrups

Our range has also been extended with a delicious range of cocktail flavour syrups such as Margarita and Strawberry Daiquiri. Proving very popular with bars, pubs, clubs and in fact anywhere you can retail alcoholic slushy cocktails. Simply add water, spirit and the syrup into the machine tank, switch on and an hour later you’ll be ready to serve trendy slush cocktails. With many bars charging over £5.00 per drink, the margins available are hugh, hence the reason it’s been so popular.

Buy your slush syrups online for next working day delivery or call us for more information on 08000 14 18 18.

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