We are often asked ‘What’s the right bean to cup coffee machine for me?’ With so many coffee machine options out there, all with different daily usage capacities, we have taken a look at some of the best selling machines in the UK, Jura Impressa. Read on to learn more and to hopefully get some inspiration and guidance. We’ll cover commercial bean to machines in general then move onto Jura Impressa.


First of all, what is a bean to cup coffee machine and how does it work?

A “bean-to-cup” machine make coffee drinks automatically according to the principles of espresso brewing, which replicates the steps of espresso – it takes espresso beans from a bean hopper, grinding the correct amount required then tamps (compresses) the ground coffee, “pre-infuses” drops of water through the coffee grind to prepare for extraction. Water is then forced through the grounds at the optimum temperature (86-89 degrees) and pressure, and dispenses the espresso shot or coffee directly into your cup. It then disposes the old grounds.

Bean to cup machines will automatically steam and foam the milk, and dispense a fully-made latte or cappuccino, although there is usually the option for the operator to do this manually.

We’ll start off with bean to cup machines for commercial use. Your initial considerations should be:

  • How many drinks per day do I expect to dispense or sell?
  • How many different drink options do I require?
  • What’s my budget?

Drinks per day is a key consideration. Bean to cup machines are designed and built for the demand it will be required to produce. The good news is that even lighter use  machines in the Jura Impressa range, have a daily capacity of 75 – 100 drinks per day, such as the Jura XS9 and Jura XJ9, but options are available for even lower demand requirements. The most popular machines are classed as medium use and have a daily capacity of between 100 to 150 drinks per day, then moving up to super automatics which are capable of producing 125 to 200 drinks per hour.

Average drinks per day is a guide to help you identify what is the right machine for you. They don’t stop operating once the daily limit has been hit and will cope with a busier than usual day. Bear in mind though, if you regularly exceed the recommended usage, your coffee machine will have a reduced life.

Even the entry level bean to cup machines will offer a good range of drink options (unless you opt for a black coffee only model), most will offer espresso, coffee and latte/cappuccino. The larger capacity machines will offer many alternative drinks such as latte machiato, ristretto and hot foam milk. Some of the larger Jura Impressa machines for example, such as the Giga X7 and Giga X9 will also dispense 2 milk based drinks at the same time, a feature smaller models don’t offer. This is particularly useful for busier sites where speed is of the essence.

Jura Bean to Cup Machines

Jura Impressa coffee machines are designed and built in Switzerland. The Swiss have a reputation for excellence in every aspect of coffee maker production and Jura are proud to be global leaders with over 3,000,000 coffee makers sold to date. Jura manufacture a wide range of commercial and home use equipment.